Grow Where You Are Planted

One of the most common criticisms of my generation is that we are an entitled and impatient bunch, always looking for the next adventure and never settling for the mundane nor prepared to withstand discomfort. I could confidently supply several legitimate counter-arguments here but for the purposes of this specific post, I am going to…

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Medium Rare

Since celebrating somewhat of a milestone birthday recently, I’ve been reflecting on my dreams and plans for the future and inevitably, made to confront my areas of weakness and where there is significant need for improvement. One such thing, being my inability to complete projects in a timely fashion. Or sometimes, at all. I’ve realised…

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Episode 15: Acceptance

I’m excited to be presenting my new series entitled, Essential Skills! We’ve been hearing this word a lot these days, in the context of what jobs and industries are ‘essential’ amidst the current pandemic; and for creatives it can often feel as though our work is not valued by the society and economy we live in….

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