Practising mindfulness & gratitude with Gabrielle Downes

This week, we had another enlightening At Home conversation with another talented young creative: Arts graduate, writer and traveller, Gabrielle Downes. 

Gabby as she is more fondly known, shares her experiences and insights during quarantine, and explains how building a mindfulness and gratitude practice is helping her make sense of our rapidly-changing world. 

As a passionate reader and learner, Gabby relays the importance of following your intuition when it comes to what you consume – listening to the needs of your body, mind and soul amidst the many distractions of our time. 

We discuss practical ideas and strategies to create healthier boundaries and develop positive habits, such as journaling and living simply in the present moment. 

This episode is packed with valuable insight and advice on personal growth and development, based on Gabby’s own research and experimentation – offering takeaways that will help you well beyond this current crisis.

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