Perfection And Pride

It takes a lot of courage to admit your mistakes. To be vulnerable enough to acknowledge that you are fallible, imperfect.

I’ve seen in professional work environments how fearful people are to be seen as such. Myself included.

Where did we get this idea that earning admiration and respect comes with having all the knowledge in the world and never putting a step wrong? Why is there shame around our weaknesses and shortcomings?

I’ve struggled with perfectionism my entire life, but I’m learning more each day that it’s a futile pursuit. We will never become ‘perfect’ people, because we simply weren’t created to be. Our imperfections are what make us human, and that is okay.

Working in a profit-driven, fast-paced industry that is Media and Advertising demands people be the best in very many, though superficial ways. I’m certain this is true of most corporate environments. It’s the kind of lifestyle I used to lead, getting attached to matters of money, status, beauty and fame. It played on my deepest insecurities, those I am still navigating and healing from today.

Through inner work and reflection, I’ve become more aware of how much people struggle with vulnerability. Pride really is a great sin, and in the culture we live in today, it’s one of the greatest barriers to achieving a sense of peace.

When we’re too proud to admit our faults and look to place blame on others, we’re hurting ourselves just as much. It’s a kind of self-deceit that breeds anger. We become angry at people and situations, instead of addressing the anger we feel inside. That anger, merely a symptom of our personal traumas and insecurities. It’s heavy stuff.

Yet constantly placing blame on yourself isn’t healthy either; I know all too well how quickly self-loathing can take you downhill.

So we must compromise then: to acknowledge our weaknesses and celebrate our strengths. Not in effort to achieve perfection, but rather, authenticity.

If we bring to the table our natural gifts and talents, whilst acknowledging our mistakes and growing from them, surely this brand of vulnerable courage is greater than any shallow notion of what a perfect human should be?

Pride, in the way I’ve observed and experienced this last decade, never leads to peace. It’s a thief of all good things life has to offer.

I want to be brave enough to let go of perfectionism, to be vulnerable enough to accept that I don’t know everything nor am I in control of it all. It isn’t all in my hands, how arrogant of me to think so. The mission is to do what I can with as much as my own hands can carry. The rest, I can surrender to the ultimate Creator.

Perhaps this is vulnerability. Courage.

I am imperfect, as you are, and wonderfully so. That is how it was meant to be.

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Suni March 31, 2023 Reply

Well said! Acknowledging our imperfection leads to acceptance, tolerance and resiliency. We then learn to love ourselves and others and acquire the peace and contentment we so desire to live a blissful life. Love your thoughts. 🌹🍀

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