We’ve come to the end of the ‘Essential Skills’ series! If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to listen to the previous 5 episodes as I share some insights into why building these specific skills is important for cultivating a purposeful and meaningful life.

I wanted to round out the series with Patience – no doubt a virtue that we’re all struggling to honour right now! If you’re feeling stressed and anxious about this seemingly never-ending pandemic, perhaps this episode will help you focus on what you do have control over – your mindset and attitude in this season of waiting.

Modern culture has conditioned us to want things instantly, because new technologies and communications have made it possible! But we can undo this pattern, we can change and re-learn to appreciate the benefits of time and space to think more clearly, reflect, be grateful and enjoy the peace of the present moment.

Patience is an essential skill.

Patience is a virtue.

“Patience provides perspective.”

– Simon Sinek

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