Do you consider yourself an optimistic person?

Some people might think that being optimistic is simply a personality trait – that some people just are, and some are not.

However my view is that optimism is a skill that requires constant development, something that each and every one of us should be working on regularly if we aspire to achieve great things in life.

I’ve learned throughout the years that optimism is connected to employing perspective, harnessing gratitude and having faith.

More than just an essential skill, I also see optimism as a spiritual practice – enabling us to build positive momentum derived from trusting something or someone bigger than us. I channel my optimism through my faith in God, and what I know for sure is that growing spiritually from within, positively impacts all other areas of life.

In many ways, optimism is faith and vice versa, and my hope is that this episode encourages you to harness both. 

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