Millennial Things

I’m a little hyped about this one! Why? Because I’m ready to break down and challenge the 3 common stereotypes about Millennials that affect the way older generations perceive us.

If you’ve listened to Episode 1, you’ll know how much I don’t like to subscribe to labels, but since we’re often judged by labels in the culture we live in, it’s worthwhile having a better understanding on how they have come about and how we can rise above the typical cliches.

I’m here to share some new perspectives on how Gen Y has evolved and what it means for us in the workforce and for our relationships with others.

While we cannot change the fact that people will always assume things or make judgements about us, we can harness what we know about ourselves – starting with our willingness to learn and improve in all areas of our lives!

If you’re a Millennial, this episode should hit home and if you’re not, I truly hope this one will help you understand us a little better.

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