Mental wellbeing amidst uncertainty with Claudia Bonnici

Welcome to another installment of our At Home series! This time, we chat to Claudia Bonnici, a Media and Communications graduate with a passion for content creation and mental health advocacy.

In this episode, we deep dive into how the current lockdown and social distancing is affecting the lifestyles and mental wellbeing of young people on the verge of starting their careers.

We discuss how societal pressures add to the struggles of young creatives, given the ‘non-essential’ classification granted to the arts industries and artists in general.

As someone who has experienced her own mental health struggles, Claudia offers great encouragement and helpful strategies to cope with anxiety, feeling out of control and the fear of the unknown. 

Our conversation brings to light the importance of managing our content consumption, practicing self-care and reaching out for support when we need it. 

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