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Grow Where You Are Planted

One of the most common criticisms of my generation is that we are an entitled and impatient bunch, always looking for the next adventure and never settling for the mundane nor prepared to withstand discomfort. I could confidently supply several legitimate counter-arguments here but for the purposes of this specific post, I am going to...

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Medium Rare

Since celebrating somewhat of a milestone birthday recently, I’ve been reflecting on my dreams and plans for the future and inevitably, made to confront my areas of weakness and where there is significant need for improvement. One such thing, being my inability to complete projects in a timely fashion. Or sometimes, at all. I’ve realised...

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Dear Past Bosses?

As always, whenever I start planning and outlining my next podcast series, new ideas for future episodes pop into my head and distract me from the task at hand. Film critic and journalist Roger Ebert was right in saying that “the Muse visits during creation, not before. Don’t want for inspiration, just plunge in”; this...

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Life In A Laptop

Thanks to my digital decluttering mood this past week, I have been able to free up almost 25 gigabytes of storage on my laptop! Things weren’t looking great for a moment and I wondered how much longer I’d be able to save and download files with just 6GB of space available. Not to mention the...

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Email Killed The Telephone Star?

It’s a weird thing to be pondering, but the importance of email as a method of communication has been on my mind today. In the process of decluttering my notes as I shared in my previous post, I’ve also been tidying up my personal inbox with the help of a neat little tool called Unroll.Me. I’m happy to say...

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Take Note Of This

The advent of a new year often prompts me to do some in-house cleaning and de-cluttering and since I’ve already refreshed my wardrobe, I’ve moved my attention to evaluating my digital inventory. All of my physical notebooks and journals aside, I have grown quite a collection of ‘notes’ across multiple software programs and cloud-based apps....

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Through The Magnifying Glass

We live in tumultuous times to say the least, what with everything our world experienced in 2020 and with its after-(and ongoing) effects into this new year. Lately I’ve come to be more aware of the magnifying glass (or glasses) through which we all view and absorb these social and global events. More often than...

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Podcast Year In Review

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life… and a new year! Happy 2021 everyone, I pray that you had a safe, peaceful and happy Christmas season with your loved ones. I can’t believe that we are about to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Dear Future Boss podcast! And...

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