Life In A Laptop

Thanks to my digital decluttering mood this past week, I have been able to free up almost 25 gigabytes of storage on my laptop!

Things weren’t looking great for a moment and I wondered how much longer I’d be able to save and download files with just 6GB of space available. Not to mention the inconvenient effects that a near-empty hard drive has on overall processing speeds. Like most things, computers need a good clean out every now and then.

And so, I continued my decluttering binge by sorting through all of my digital files and organising them to better suit my current needs. I archived old projects, created folders for new ones and conducted a general assessment on all of the information and content I’ve accumulated since I bought this MacBook 3 years ago.

It occurred to me just how much of a person’s life is reflected in what is stored on their personal computer. There are documents, photos, videos and music. There are notes, reminders, plans and events. Some pieces of content able to stand alone and evoke a specific memory. Some pieces when linked together, paint a bigger picture.

It is a profound thing when you think about it, that our digital files can help tell the story of our lives. They are fragments of the people we are and who we strive to be. They express our passions, our talents, our goals and aspirations. These can be felt in a song we’ve downloaded or understood from a recipe we’ve saved.

Some files, worth keeping. Others, to let go.

If you ever find yourself feeling a little lost and with some time to spare, I encourage you to do this simple exercise and review what’s stored on your laptop. Perhaps you will find something important, re-discover a passion, reflect on your accomplishments or part ways with something that no longer serves you.

It can take one little note to inspire you, an old photo to make you smile. I hope you find one in your next digital declutter.

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