It’s Noisy Out Here

The infinite access to knowledge in our modern world – though bearing great benefits – can cause great anxiety, fear and doubt about ourselves and the future. We live in very noisy times and when we want answers and need solutions, we often look to the outside, rather than within.

In this episode, we discuss where all of the noise comes from, how it negatively impacts us and most importantly, how we can learn to listen to our own voice and live our truth amidst the various messages thrown at us every day and every hour.

I also share 3 useful tips to help eliminate the distractions of the world and of other people, so that you can start finding greater meaning, balance, contentment and clarity about who you are and how you want to contribute.

If you’re a creative, this is an especially important one as it offers strategies on how to position yourself as an active creator rather than simply being a passive consumer overwhelmed with the saturation of content out there.

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