Hello World

Have you ever seen a movie where the lead character is an aspiring writer and decides to start a blog?

Confession — I’ve watched a few of them. Not very notable movies, but enjoyable enough (especially when you’re not in the mood for anything too mentally stimulating).

Anyway, in scenes where this character is busy typing away, I always notice on the computer screen that the title of whatever blog post they’re working on is ‘Hello World’.

If you’re an avid blogger you’ll know that this is the default placeholder title text when writing your first post on many blog platforms. For some strange reason, seeing this in movies makes me giggle.

I mean, is there any conversation around changing the title to better suit the specific storyline? Do set designers not think it an important detail? Or has it become a well-understood and common practice when establishing characters who are writers/bloggers and are about to do something significant in the film?

It makes me reflect on who might have coined the phrase ‘Hello World’ to begin with, its origins and historical uses, though I’m perhaps not curious enough to delve into extensive research about it.

Courtesy of Netflix via Narcity

For now, though it’s an overused default title, ‘Hello World’ seems somewhat appropriate for what I’ve set out to do on a professional and very personal level in 2020.

Just what this is you may ask?

I guess you could call it a ‘fresh start’, a ‘rebirth’ or perhaps even my ‘debut’ into the world; having shed an old, beaten-up skin to make way for a tougher outer coating that will better equip me in this new decade.

Just like everyone else, I‌ have a past — one filled with so many mistakes, regrets, trials and adversities, along with its noteworthy joys, surprises, successes and miracles. The last decade especially, has grown me in infinite ways across all the different roles I play in this life — an employee, colleague, friend, daughter, sister and child of God.

I’ve had experiences that have impacted me more than‌ I expected they would, teaching me about how often I allow fear, self-doubt and the judgement of others to hinder my progress and cause me to retreat in dark spaces away from the light that I’m called to live in. That we are all called to live in.

Yet I’ve recognised my penchant for giving advice that I don’t take on board myself and so this year, I vow to lead by example. No longer do I want to only help others find courage, I‌ want to live intentionally in that courage. I want to be able to face the world as I am, embracing where I’ve come from and honouring my truth as I work towards where I want to go.

It’s taken me a few years and there’s no better time than right now, to raise my voice, share my stories and open myself up to a world that isn’t always kind, but is always open to receiving and multiplying kindness if we are giving enough.

Whilst I have been a passionate (though inconsistent) blogger since 2005, this next chapter feels like a renaissance — one where I am mentally and spiritually recharged, ready to give everything that I have and everything that I’m learning, to help people feel less alone and encouraged to find their own voice.

It especially breaks my heart seeing young people lose their way, falling into the despondency perpetuated by world events, disheartened by criticism from older generations, distracted and pressured by the superficial whims of popular culture and social media.

I am no exception, but I feel compelled to help break the patterns, to offer new ways of being that can be sustained throughout a life, to help foster lives of great purpose and fulfilment.

Dear Future Boss is a personal passion project, but one with the ultimate vision to empower future generations through creative thinking and action.

Everything that I have been through as a young, creative, unemployed and employed person, has strengthened my belief in and advocacy for The Arts. I simply cannot imagine a world without it, without stories to read, music to dance to, films to see or shows to experience. I challenge anybody to disagree.

Photo by Emmanuél Appiah on Unsplash

We’re in a time where creative content is in high demand, yet we still overlook the people born to create it. In particular, the young emerging creators graduating from school, ready to apply their knowledge and talents to industry and the economy wherever opportunity allows.

Unfortunately however, opportunities are scarce in such fields and creative work is often deemed ‘non-essential’ in comparison to other trades that deal with the more pragmatic aspects of life and death.

Dear Future Boss seeks to explore all of these issues, namely in the context of how we can fortify and leverage the potential of young creative people. The future affects every single one of us still blessed to be on this earth — it only makes sense that we work fervently to improve how we communicate, collaborate and cultivate goodness in one another.

This blog is just one part of larger project shared across different channels and I feel fortunate to have enough resources to start getting my message out in the universe, though I’m still learning how best to reach people through these vast and varied mediums.

I implore you dear reader, to help me in this mission — to share my words and use them to encourage others, especially the young people in your circles who desire to make art and contribute their creative spirit to the world. Aspiring writers, musicians, performers, filmmakers, designers, illustrators, painters — they are all within our midst, some brave enough to face continued rejection, but many still afraid of possible ridicule and failure to even just begin.

I’ve been the latter more so in my own life and career but this is the year I‌’ve finally decided to break the pattern.

I’m finally learning to embrace myself as a multi-passionate creative person, now filled with so much gratitude for the opportunities I’ve been given to make a difference with my art.

Hello World, I’m so happy to be here and I can’t wait to give you everything that I have.