The Young And The Jobless

This past month I received an opportunity to write an essay to contribute my ideas about a topic of great interest to me.

It came as no surprise during my planning that the state of youth unemployment in Australia is an issue close to my heart given everything I have experienced personally, as well as my work with The Mentorship over the past few years.

As with most of my current work, writing the essay caused me to ponder on some of my key lessons I gleaned as a student and graduate, and of course as an employee in the professional workforce who suddenly found herself jobless after a fairly successful career. This of course was the catalyst for the Dear Future Boss project, as I shared here upon launching this very website.

It was an enjoyable though challenging exercise to condense my thoughts in this format (I haven’t quite produced content of this nature since my university years), and it has sparked a little light in me. Perhaps this will be something I choose to tackle again in the near future.

For now, I am most pleased to share the essay and hope that it provides some valuable insight for you, whether you work with young people or are a young person yourself.

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