Episode 13: Creating & embracing new opportunities with Maria Romas

It’s well over a month now since lockdown measures have been in place, and despite coffee catch-up withdrawal, social distancing hasn’t stopped us from having great conversations with young creative people!

This week we chat with Maria Romas, a Media graduate from RMIT University, passionate freelance production coordinator and volunteer photographer at the RSPCA Animal Welfare Shelter. 

In the age of advanced technology, communications and social media, we discuss the vast and varied opportunities and resources available to develop our existing skills and learn new ones. 

As someone with a great interest in learning, both online and offline, Maria recommends several organisations, websites and practitioners that have been instrumental in her own growth as a creator and as a young person navigating the media industry and workforce.

We chat about the importance of networking and reaching out for advice from those more experienced, as well as the power of volunteering as you work towards building a meaningful career and life.

You can learn more about Maria and work via her website Miss Maria Studios!


00:00 Introductions
01:41 How life has changed
03:37 How the fear impacts our generation
06:00 Understanding our anxieties
07:45 Strategies for finding a sense of calm
09:15 Harnessing social media for good
11:34 Realising what is most important in life
12:30 Reflecting on career pathways
14:04 Embracing the new opportunities that have arisen
15:05 Useful online career resources 
17:30 The power of volunteering
20:52 Finding courage to take the leap
23:03 Creating a career mind map
24:54 Words of encouragement for fellow creatives

SYN Media
Australian Network on Disability
Bill Chute

Smiling Minds
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Peter Lindgren
Curtis Judd
Daniel Scheffer

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