Episode 10: School, work & life beyond the pandemic with Rochelle Liu

It’s the second episode of our At Home series and we chat with Rochelle Liu, a writer, editor and consultant in the education sector.

As someone who works with students and soon-to-be-graduates (as well as being a young creative herself!), Rochelle shares her unique perspective on how the current crisis is affecting the way we study, work and plan for the future.

We discuss the possible long-term effects of the pandemic on the education and arts sectors, and explore the different ways we can support each other now and in the times ahead.

If you’re an emerging artist or young job-seeker in general, this episode might hit home for you and hopefully, provide you some useful tips on how to be creative, productive and find support amidst uncertainty.

0:00 – Introductions
03:42 – How high school students are handling the lockdown
05:32 – Predictions about the long-term effects of the pandemic on education
08:29 – Rochelle’s experiences as a graduate
10:35 – How do you see the pandemic is affecting the arts sector
16:10 – What creative people can do to support one another
21:46 – How art is helpful for our mental health
25:42 – How emerging artists are navigating ‘uncertainty’
29:30 – Advice for young job-seekers during this time
35:50 – Strategies for working at home
37:52 – The importance of reaching out to people

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