Dream On

What do the bands AerosmithEarth, Wind & Fire and legendary performer Judy Garland  have in common?

Well, apart from being iconic musicians and artists of their generation, each has performed a song about the power of dreaming.

As a believer in the value of being a big dreamer, I dedicate this episode to the gift of music and its ability to allow us to express our dreams, understand our dreams and find the courage to pursue them.

While dreams may not protect us from the sting of life’s harsh realities, simply daring to dream and having a vision for our lives, helps us sustain a sense of hope for the future which can provide us great motivation for the present.

Dreams are the seeds from which all things can grow, and through the 3 songs I’ve chosen to review and celebrate in this episode, we can learn to harness the power of dreaming in our lives.

This one’s for all the music lovers, creative thinkers and big dreamers out there.

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