It’s often a struggle to get moving on things we don’t enjoy doing, but that must be done. Any arduous task, or one that takes us out of our comfort zone, is something that most of us try to avoid at all costs.

Yet learning how to build the discipline required to accomplish such tasks, is an essential skill – because discipline makes us more responsible, productive and empowered people.

When we strive for discipline, whether it’s in our career or general lifestyle, we start to create healthy structures and boundaries that make our days more effective and enjoyable.

Finding time to do the things we love most becomes easier when we prioritise everything else, because discipline keeps us accountable. Unlike motivation, discipline calls us to be proactive – rather than waiting around for the right feeling, our focus can be on doing.

Building discipline is hard work and in many ways an ongoing process, but one which reaps multiple benefits especially when it comes to achieving personal goals and cultivating a fulfilled life.

American author and podcaster John Gretton “Jocko” Willink, who is also a retired officer of the United States Navy, said it best, “Discipline equals freedom.”

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