Big Dreams

I have always been somebody who dreams up big dreams.

Perhaps it’s part personality trait, but it was very much instilled in me from a young age. I feel fortunate to have grown up with parents who believed in me and provided me wonderful opportunities to explore my creativity, nurture my talents and learn new skills. I will never take it for granted.

As an adult, I reflect on how my big dreams have played out and continue to impact my life and career; and although generally an optimist, disappointments can get the better of me on any given day.

The downside to dreaming is that it isn’t necessarily an action-focused activity. Not in a tangible sense anyway. When your ‘head is in the clouds’, it’s easy for your feet to leave the ground, along with all notions of practicality and responsibility.

I tend to spend a lot of mental energy thinking up new ideas and fantasising about new adventures and achievements, whilst time elapses and leaves me wondering what I have actually done to help move my dreams into processes and outcomes. I would think this is a common struggle for many creative people.

So I’m trying to make a habit of writing down my dreams and actively working on them. It’s strange that we need reminders to focus on what really matters to us, but in an age of information overload, distractions and ‘busyness’, it’s much too easy for our dreams to get buried under the weight of external pressures and obligations.

Dreaming is a deeply personal and mostly solitary endeavour, thus dreams require space and intention to be fully explored. And I’ve realised that the ‘exploration’ of them, must include some sort of planning and actionable output.

In his Motivation podcast, author and high performance coach Brendon Burchard says that “Big dreams require weekly check-ins.” I felt as though he was telling me this directly, “Big dreams require weekly check-ins, Eira. Are you working on your dreams this week?”

It seems an oxymoron to have to ‘work’ on your dreams, but if the context of our dreams is the future vision for our lives, then dreams are not passive – rather, dreams are actionable hopes, things to propel us forward, so that we may achieve purpose, fulfilment, connection and joy. And achieving these things cannot happen without working on them, without displaying an enthusiastic passion for their realisation.

I’ve always proudly declared myself a ‘big dreamer’, but now I’d like to complement that with being a ‘big mover‘…somebody who is actively and unshakeably working on her dreams and guiding them into fruition.

We may not have full control over the exact outcomes of our hopes and plans, but the ‘doing’ of our ‘dreaming’ is something that we do have power to influence. And it’s something that we should consistently work on, if we believe that our big dreams truly matter – for our sake and the world’s.


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